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21 June 11, 12:00

We have signed an agreement with music label.

We have signed an agreement with Endless Winter music label. The main stylistic direction followed by the group can be characterized as Gothic Doom Metal, but the authors don't limit themselves. They bring into music the elements of Doom/Death, Gothic Metal and Dark Metal. The final product results in a sophisticated combination of the mentioned styles, where all the components are taken in a precisely measured manner. Each song transfers to the listener the certain emotional experience. Obscure heavy guitar riffs, dark atmospheric keyboards and the combination of vocals in the manner of "Beauty and the Beast" give to the compositions an additional contrast and romanticism. All tracks on the CD are arranged in the order of their creation. Thus, the songs reflect the process of development over the past years.

18 June 10, 00:32

And once again replenish in our ranks

June 15, 2010, it was decided to add to a group of another musician, he became the bassist Petr Minaylo (Evulsion of Eternal). The reason for this was the desire to separate bass and vocals between the two musicians, and thus slightly increase the quality of both vocal and bass. Prior to that, vocal and bass lines in the group studied Slava Kuz` but found the interest of Peter and his desire to play in group graciously gave him a part of their duties. All pleasantly surprised by the fact that Petr was able to quickly join the group and literally at the first joint rehearsal with the group was able to perform all the songs.

7 August 09, 16:40

New member recruited

We are glad to announce that recently Vjacheslav Kuz’, known as Woks (ex-Grotesque Archway, ex-Imperial) has joined our group. At this moment Vjacheslav is working on the bass lines to the compositions of the group. We are pleased with the fact that finally we were joined by this decent and experienced musician.

12 February 09, 20:37

New member

We are glad to announce that we’ve got a replenishment in our friendly crew! Recently Max Prokopchuk (ex-Mortuary, ex-Imperial, Evulsion of Eternal) showed a desire to become a permanent member of the group. So he did! Max undoubtedly is one of the most experienced and technical guitarists in the group and our city either. We are fond of Max and his serious attitude towards rehearsals!