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In the darkness cold wind howls,
Among the thousands of paths,
I can see no light to follow,
You were my last gasp for breath.
Fragments of broken mirror,
've stuck in skin of my face.
I've lost you forever,
I've broken it while I was wasted.
Listen to my weeping soul,
Why I couldn’t hold your hand?
You had left me drowned in sorrow.
I have learned how the silence sounds.
Why death's not coming soon?
How I want you to know
For love that faded bloom
That you regret when you’re alone.
From the dead and bitter silence,
In my dreams you come to me.
I’ve forgiven your betrayal
But it couldn’t make you live…
Is this the ghosts of tomorrow
Are stretching hands to take me away?
No need for silly sobbings,
To end it up is my own way.