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Depressed (Lithiated)

Uh … Your screaming fear,
Uh … From inner cosm,
Tells: You will lose this fight … Stifling
Despair burns you alive.
So what do you know?
What's in my name?
On shores once pure and clean
tides have brought heaps of wastes
from medicines
One part of me
Is locked in the cage
of devoutness
Chased from within!
Please stop healing me.
I’m being vanished.
Uh … What's on your mind?
Uh … Wake up! Wake up!
It hurts me to see you here … Trapped
And lost in apathy.
Those black seed of hate
tears me apart.
I’m inverted ghost
Body without its
Inner shine.

Another part left after me
Is hornets' nest of hopes
for Relevance
My last morbid thought
Was breed in the hate
to your ignorance.
So why I am here?
Please take me away,
Out from these walls!
I beg you to come!
Please, show me the door
of perception of reality.
Day after I’m being cared
From thought and soul control.
They say I’m getting better, though
But how the hell they know?!
Deceived, humiliated
Why did you deserved it?
And inside
- Your soul cries.
For essence was betrayed,
For nothing left to save you,
A play of smile
of lithiated mind.