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Forbidden (Der Apfel aus Gold)

Have you ever felt that pain?
Kisses’ gentle violence?
Bursting out of shame…
Oh dear! My will disappears
In mist that I surrender to…
I can’t forget what I have tasted,
With no regrets for what we’ve made.
That kiss was more than I’d expected,
That secret lore is now observed.
Der Apfel aus Gold…
Will God forsake? No need to scold.
It was mistake. It has been told.
Who loved he knows what does it cost,
What is the pain, what is the loss.
Der Apfel aus Gold…
With constellations blinded eyes,
I stare into the skies at nights,
I pray the Tyrant - no one hears…
I’ve paid too much for all we did…
Drowning in the night with you, dreaming to fly with you.
Drowning in the night to fly in dreams.
What once was sweet has bitter taste,
Its nasty sense - it still elates.
I isolate myself in wold.
In haste to live my soul was sold.
Der Apfel aus Gold…