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Last Words

I feel the emptiness that never leaves me
Unless I hear chants in my mind,
Thy calming words that I believe in.
I am obeyed by voice that sings.
Waking up from hollow dream,
Can't you see?
Shattered mind without a thought.
Seek after me…
Living in a delusive realm,
All you’ve seen
Had been told you by that voice
In your dreams…
Nothing but hope keeps me alive,
Soothing my agony that I can’t survive.
Desperate cry is wondering darkness,
Everything is empty inside.
I see the light is fading in shadow.
Covered with lies is the shine of my heart.
In place, where the feelings are dead, there is nothing to wait,
When cold darkness embraced my life in thy grace.
That night I looked outside from my window and
I’d seen the huge raindrops were falling from the black clouds.
I realized how much I missed you…

A sudden shadow passed near by me,
and suddenly I realized
I would have never been so close to you again!
I’ll be with you ... again!
Weary soul is lost,
‘Cause you have gone.
It’s an emptiness
And everything’s forgotten.
My heart was ruined,
My faith was ruined,
I can’t believe this… oh!
I can believe this not…