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Path of a Soul

I spent my whole life on seeking for your soul.
And once like a sunbeam through the mist of my dream
You’ve come to me.
I dwell on the verge
Of both worlds and cry
The same way as you,
My grief is the light.
Your soul іn darkness and sadness awaits.
While I'm trying to solve this quest of death, life and faith.
From reign of the darkness,
Lend wings me to fly.
At dawn I go down
At dusk I revive.
– Ascetic life I choose. Death is the only truth! I wish you’re alive…
– Just follow my light…
– Why do you have to go? Still I don’t know. Don’t put me aside!
– I’m pure as a light.
– Don't run away! It's not a game to play! Please, stay in my sight!
– Forgive me, my Light!
– Show me the path, my soul never rests enlightening my mind.
– Go onward my light…
I had explored the secret depths of divine science,
My eyes have seen the sharpest verges of both worlds.
Approaching the mysteries of skies I’m always trying  
To reach the furthest point on a path of a soul…