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Silver Streams

Hey… Don’t! Don’t make me shy
Not this time! Don’t even try.
Oh, don’t! Don’t make me shy.
Not this time! Don’t even try!
Curtain’s dropped, show has begun,
I forget what makes me down.
Silver falls on everyone
From above in streams that run.
Silver moon in silver skies,
Silver shining of silver night.  
Silver bodies are closely tied,
Silver lips and silver lust.

On your eyes like on the screen
You will see this shocking scene.
Let this night to be your dream,
Make your soul to silverstream!
A pale white skin, black-shining leather,
Blood-red lips sink in silver nether.
It became the silver plexus,
Its searing cold… We’re all together for…
Silver beam of silver light
Pierces bodies and all around.
We are the shapes in the light of bliss,
Just bleached contours in the silver streams.