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Raked out from the snow that day
The girl that was missing on the eve of that day.
Perfectly frozen her body was laid,
It’s seemed like the death's saved her beauty that day.
She’s learned to love to hate –
Everything dies, passes away.
Crystallized beauty and withered eyes
Are covered with snow,
Frozen from inside - no sign of life.
Her inner pain,
Her hurted soul,
Her wasted time
For the life she doesn’t know!
I grieve for the things
That were lost being loved.
Will the hate help me to
Strike them out of my heart?
Her room’s left in a state as she just has been gone.
Diary left on her bed is still alone:
“I feel the shame not for the wrong things I’ve done,
But for the right things that should have been done”.
And you will taste the life –
Only at a time it’s fading away.
Standing on edge, crossing the line, the one
fleeting thought
Changes your mind, rescues your life.
Her misty life,
Was ended up
When her will to live
Was strong enough but…
I think this day
I did not commit suicide
Is more epochal than
my birthday in my life.
Her feet slipped off the cliff,
When she’s turned to go.
Whirling in the deadly spin
She fell in the hugs of snow.